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Time To Rise: Brodie ICR Stems

Time To Rise: Brodie ICR Stems

One of our favorite builders, Paul Brodie, just finished a batch of Internal Cable Routed fillet brazed stems that he’s now offering for sale. Available in a wide range of rises and lengths, they’re a perfect match to your classic or modern tourer, road or ‘cross bike.

Paul’s something of a metalwork marvel. If you haven’t, check out the process stories he shared with us for the past few NAHBS as he recreated historic bikes, built a shaft-drive and an e-bike. His custom motorcycle work is incomparable also.

Here’s some information from the man himself:
ICR stems are back and better with a new cable routing system that is rise specific.
• Stems are available in the following rises: 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 degrees
• Lengths available: 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150mm (measured centre to centre)
• Quill tubes to fit 1″ and 1 1/8″ forks
• Stems fit one inch handlebars. All stems are fillet brazed.
• Stems are sold raw, no paint. I will put a thin coat of wax on them to prevent rust.
• Stems are sold with no hardware. That will be your responsibility.
• Price is CDN$200 each
• If you live in Canada, $200 + GST + postage.
• Anywhere else in the world, $200 + postage.
• $100 deposit with your order. I can accept eTransfer and Paypal.
• Batch #2 will be Fall / Winter 2018

Thanks for your interest in ICR stems.

Email Paul to secure a stem from this first batch.

Again, he’s been generous enough to share his knowledge and experience with us (did we mention he also teaches Framebuilding 101 at the University of the Fraser Valley?). Here’s how the stems are manufactured, step by step:

“This is the fixture for holding the stem while the cable guide hole is cut. Only took 1.5 days to figure out and create:
Time To Rise: Brodie ICR Stems

“Early design stage, making it clear what it all looks like inside.
Time To Rise: Brodie ICR Stems

“This was the first prototype stem. Everything was good, so no changes were needed for production.
Time To Rise: Brodie ICR Stems

“Nickel-silvering the 3/16” cable guide to the cable stop.
Time To Rise: Brodie ICR Stems

“Cutting the quill tube in the bandsaw. I have owned this machine since 1985. It just will not quit! I have to use blocks, spacers and a C-clamp to hold the quill tube. The angle is such that the bandsaw vice just won’t work.
Time To Rise: Brodie ICR Stems

“Now that was a lot of brazing! Great way to sharpen my fillet-brazing skills.
Time To Rise: Brodie ICR Stems

“Cutting the slot in the milling machine with… what else?… a slotting saw!”
Time To Rise: Brodie ICR Stems

And here’s the final filed result, which might bring tears to the eyes of some builders. They’re elegant, simple and you can be assured that they are as solidly built as they could be. Get in touch with Paul to secure one, and watch out for a preview on a special The Spoken project in the not-too-distant future.
Time To Rise: Brodie ICR Stems