Velo City: Bicycle Culture and City Life
Doug's Yamaguchi

Doug’s Yamaguchi

Few frame builders have influenced the world of the custom bicycle as much as Koichi Yamaguchi. His unconventional designs both shock and impress, but they have been proven at US Nationals, World Championships and Olympic Games. Yamaguchi imparts his knowledge through his frame building school in Rifle, Colorado, to which students traverse the globe to…

Chris Chou's YFBS Bike

Chris Chou’s YFBS Bike

If you want to learn how to make your own bicycle frame correctly, you will need to seek out a teacher that is willing to impart his, or her knowledge. Koichi Yamaguchi is a master of the art who has been generous enough to start a framebuilding school in Rifle, Colorado. Chris Chou was fortunate…

Velo City: Bicycle Culture and City Life

Mobius Cycle Yamaguchi TT

Seattle’s Taylor Hurley is the photographer of this Yamaguchi TT frame that has been revitalized as an urban warrior, she also happens to be the…