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L'automne Tourer: Marc's Fall Fat Bike By Victoire Cycles

L’automne Tourer: A Fat Bike from Victoire Cycles

Not many would choose a fatbike as a first choice of vehicle to take on a long-distance tour, but it depends on what type of terrain you intend to tackle. Marc traversed a good chunk of Europe to realize a fatbike was his ideal carriage.

The Thin Green Lyon: Silvère's Motoconfort Around-Towner

The Thin Green Lyon: Silvère’s Motoconfort Around-Towner

Bicycle manufacturing twists through the DNA of many motorcycle brands, such as BSA, Excelsior, Husqvarna and Aprilia. France’s Motoconfort was another although their pedal-powered products look far more graceful — like this classic porteur.

Velo City: Bicycle Culture and City Life

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