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The new T47 BB Standard by Argonaut Cycles and Chris King

T47 Standard by Argonaut Cycles and Chris King


The creative and engineering minds at Argonaut Cycles and Chris King have joined forces on a new bottom bracket standard, conceived as a solution to the problems inherent to the PressFit system. here’s a preview of the new T47 standard.

Argonaut Cycles Black Road

Argonaut Cycles Black Road


In many ways, we’re still learning about the possibilities carbon fibre offers the cycling world. Kestrel astounded us in 1987 with its 4000 model road bike — the first to be made completely from the material — and today Ben Farver of Argonaut Cycles is as much of a pioneer, exploring custom layups with his…

Velo City: Bicycle Culture and City Life

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There’s a quantum difference between carbon and steel frames, and while you’ll always see more of the latter on Cycle EXIF, it takes a builder…

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There must be something in Portland’s water supply that inspires so many of its young sons to take up the torch and start welding frames.…