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The Bleeding Edge: Winter Cutlery Campy Wrench Knives

The Bleeding Edge: Winter Cutlery Campagnolo Wrench Knives

Knives as a tool for cutting are as much an essential piece of kit as a bicycle is for transport, and the ability to wield both is a basic life skill. Tools, sure, but that doesn’t mean we can’t respect them for their craftsmanship.

We’ve admired the work of Winter Bicycles’ Eric Estlund on these pages for many years now and lately, he’s been diversifying into knifemaking — the results of which are as excellent as his frames.

The Winter Cutlery website is gradually filling up with finely-honed examples of Eric’s work, but it’s these cutters made from decommissioned Campagnolo wrenches that scratch both our bike and blade itches.

You can order one for yourself from Eric via email. The price is currently USD$260 if I supply the wrench, and USD$210 if you send one to him. International customers will have to mind their local knife-postage laws, however.

Winter Cutlery Website | Instagram

The Bleeding Edge: Winter Cutlery Campagnolo Wrench Knives