Velo City: Bicycle Culture and City Life

Team Dream Cielo Cross Racer


Just off Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, is an avenue named Lucile. It will eventually take you towards Griffith Park, one of the largest urban parks in North America, but if you stop at 1618 Lucile Ave, you’ll be standing outside Golden Saddle Cyclery. It’s a Local Bike Shop, but it’s also a Mecca for travelling cyclists and a hub for western bike culture.

GSC are now stockists of Chris King’s Cielo brand of handmade frames, the Cross Racer in particular. So as a way of both promoting the quality of the shop’s builds and having a blast riding one of the best and most accessible cyclocross frames available, shop hand Sean Talkington assembled one with parts that are all available over the counter.

Sean is a staunch advocate of American industry and the benefits of domestic production. He has a sideline business called Team Dream Bicycling Team which has developed into a strong brand because of its bold designs and local suppliers for their Tshirts, bidons, socks, caps and kit (including an exceptionally awesome and purple collaboration with John Watson of Prolly Is Not Probably).

In keeping with the American-made ethos, Sean spec’d his Cross Racer with a Thomson cockpit, Paul components, Chris King bearing sets, Velocity A23 rims and a sprinkling of ENVE. Sean’s TDBT bidons are even held in place by Colorado’s King Cages — no relation to Chris — and the tool roll is a collaboration between GSC owner, Kyle A.K.A Tracko, and Yanco Pads.

Special thanks to the incredibly talented photographer, Jesse Carmody, for the shots. Check out more of his work on his blog and website.