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Magni-ficent: Leo's Wilier Triestina Ramato Resto

Magni-ficent: Leo’s Wilier Triestina Ramato Resto

The Cromovelato of Wilier’s Gioiello Ramato, or Copper Jewel, has resulted in one of the most iconic finishes in the history of cycling. They brought it back for their 110th anniversary in 2016, but it still looks far more authentic on a frame made in 1988.

Wilier Triestina 1976

Wilier Triestina

The modern iteration of Wilier’s La Triestina is as different to its forebear as Alfa Romeo’s Spider is to a Tipo 33 — but at least the racing pedigree still runs through their veins. Wilier is an abbreviation for ‘Viva l’Italia Libera e Redenta’: Long live Italy, liberated and redeemed. This immaculate, copper-plated example, currently…

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