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Mecacycles Vitus

Mécacyle Vitus

As well being a fabulous 90s indie pop group from London, Saint-Étienne is a French city in the Massif Central. It was the capital of their bicycle industry, being the location of Mavic, Motobécane and Vitus. Another brand, Mécacyle, was based there, who were known for their famous Turbo frames, which featured a split seat…

Vitus 992

Vitus 992: the Milan-San Remo winner

The 1992 edition of Milan-San Remo was finished in a most spectacular fashion by Sean Kelly aboard a Vitus 992. His descent down the Poggio di San Remo, chasing Moreno Argentin at a breakneck speed, does a lot to dispel the general consensus of Vitus frames being of a ‘noodley’ nature. (See the video below.)…

Velo City: Bicycle Culture and City Life

Vitus 979 Townie

Rangga Panji and his wife run Pancalen Cycles in South Jakarta. They have been busy lately, two of the many bikes that have been through…