Velo City: Bicycle Culture and City Life
Stanforth Skyelander 650b

Tour in style with the Stanforth Skyelander 650b

The self-assured dignity instilled within each Stanforth is likely the same that permeates the former Savile Row headquarters of the Royal Geographical Society. But don’t be fooled by this 650b Skyelander’s elegance, it’s built with circumnavigation in mind.

Tomorrow The World: Stanforth Kibo Dirt Drop

Tomorrow The World: Stanforth Kibo Dirt Drop

We all have bikes that, for whatever reason, just tick all of our boxes. While not exactly a Luddite, the sight of a 26″ wheeled old school steel MTB just gets me every time. So when the Stanforth Kibo first popped up on my radar a few years ago, I was entranced and, after many…

Velo City: Bicycle Culture and City Life

For A Wilder Road: The Stanforth Conway

In 1984, Nick and Richard Crane climbed aboard two Saracen mountain bikes for their ascent of Kenya’s Mount Kilimanjaro, a journey which inspired Simon Stanforth…

Stanforth Bikes Kibo+

If you’re disconsolate about Land Rover’s discontinuation of its Defender line at the end of this year, take heart, you can always invest in what…

Stanforth Bikes Kibo

In 1985 two cousins, Nicholas and Richard Crane, rode their Saracen mountain bikes to the summit of Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro. Inspired by that epic…