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1963 Schwinn Typhoon

Paper Boy: Gordy’s 1963 Schwinn Typhoon

What was your first impression of this bike when you opened up your browser or inbox? Bikes can be polarising objects. With only a cursory glance, this Schwinn Typhoon might look to be a discrepant rat rod, but closer inspection will reveal a level of quality that some modern bikes can only dream of.

Schwinn Prologue


Some of my favorite bikes on Cycle EXIF are those born straight from the heart: the realization of a passion or a dream, inspired by the wealth of beautiful bikes seen on this site. Florida’s Ben Kaiser had a vision the moment he came across a beat-up Schwinn Prologue and was able to see the…

Velo City: Bicycle Culture and City Life

Schwinn Paramount Ltd Edition

The Italians aren’t the only ones who can turn it on for a special birthday bike. When the Schwinn Paramount turned 50 in 1988, the…

Schwinn Pea Picker

There’s many parallels that can be drawn between the financial histories of Harley-Davidson motorcycles and Schwinn bicycles. They were both started by innovative and entrepreneurial…