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Burnt Ochre: Jame's Rusby Cycles Road

Burnt Ochre: James’ Rusby Cycles Road

This was the second road bike to roll out of Jake Rusby’s South London workshop in the last two weeks, and the second to be featured on The Spoken in as many days. It doesn’t look like he’ll be stopping work anytime soon, what with the Bespoked 2016 show just being announced. For now, let’s…

Fearful Asymmetry: Tom's Rusby Cycles Road

Fearful Asymmetry: Tom’s Rusby Cycles Road

Jake Rusby has been busy: His workshop wall is filled with the diagrams of customer’s frames that need to be out of the door before Christmas, and this green road bike with spotted tails is one that has just been completed.

Velo City: Bicycle Culture and City Life

Rusby Cycles Fixed Commuter

There are many similarities that can be drawn between bicycles and art, and sculpture in particular. They are three-dimensional objects that can be admired for…

Rusby Cycles 953 Road

Holdsworth, the esteemed British bicycle manufacturer — founded in 1933, has just relaunched their catalog of Reynolds-tubed frames. Comparing them with today’s road weapon, also…

Rusby Cycles Guy’s Road

Englishman Jake Rusby has, like Nao of Tomii Cycles and Eric Estlund of Winter Bicycles, re-directed his creative inspiration from fine art sculpture into sculptural…