Velo City: Bicycle Culture and City Life
Pelagro PB1 XC

Pelagro PB1 Superleggera

Superleggera is translated from the Italian as ‘super light’, but it’s also a licensed trademark of Carrozzeria Touring. Touring is an automobile coachbuilder established in 1926 who pioneered the method of bodywork construction using small-diameter tubes to form the frame, realised in bicycle form by the visionary Peter Laibacher of Germany’s Pelagro.

Pelagro ProFlex

Pelagro ProFlex: A classic MTB with full suspension

The inventor of the ProFlex mountain bike, Bob Girvin, set the scene alight with his revolutionary frame and fork designs. A former aerospace engineer, his ideas culminated in the world’s first mass-produced, full-suspension mountain bike. Critics didn’t think full suspension mountain bike would catch on, but it did — in a big way — although…

Velo City: Bicycle Culture and City Life

Pelagro PB1

Quite a few of us appreciate the beauty of both motorcycles and bicycles — there’s only an engine separating the freedom of two wheels and…