Velo City: Bicycle Culture and City Life
Kenevans Columbus Max Road

Kenevans Columbus Max Road x Skunkworks

Sydney’s Skunkworks Bikes, specialists in ultra-high-end upgrades and bicycle weight loss, have been churning out a long list of quality builds lately, including the whole fleet of Team Festka Australia‘s bikes. The latest to emerge from the workshop’s secret location is a completely custom Kenevans.

Pony Bikes Kenevans

Melbourne is Australia’s cycling hub. The city is relatively flat and has a bike lane infrastructure unparalleled by any other. Naturally, there’s a high instance of Local Bike Shops, but one in particular specialises in extra-special custom compilations for the discerning commuter: West Melbourne’s Pony Bikes. This Kenevans is a fine example of the special…

Velo City: Bicycle Culture and City Life

Australian Custom Bicycle Show Pt. 1

The inaugural Australian Custom Bicycle Show was held last weekend in Melbourne, and those of us fortunate enough to make it along experienced something very…

Kenevans Track

This may be a brand new track frame by Ken Evans, don of Australian frame building, yet I can’t help visualizing it after 15 or…