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Bishop Bikes is a bespoke bicycle manufacturer based in Baltimore, Maryland. Founded by Chris Bishop, a highly-skilled frame builder, the company creates custom-made bikes using traditional techniques and the latest materials.

The emphasis is on a clean, modern aesthetic and precise attention to detail. Each bike is built by hand, and is tailored exactly to the customer’s needs, measurements, and specifications.

Bishop bikes can be used for many types of riding, including road, gravel, cyclocross, track, city/commuting, and randonneur.

In addition to his signature lugged and fillet-brazed bikes, Chris Bishop now also builds full-custom, TIG-welded frames, featuring the same quality as the lug and fillet-brazed frames, but at a more affordable price point.

A Dream No-One Else Can See: Bishop Bikes x VéloCOLOUR

A Dream No-One Else Can See: Bishop Bikes x VéloCOLOUR

A line from Candy, Iggy Pop’s 1990 duet with Kate Pierson, is an apt title for this long awaited collaboration between Baltimore’s Bishop Bikes and Toronto’s VéloCOLOUR studio — albeit a contrary one, as the result is an explosion of captivating colour.

Molten Miles: Black Magic Paint x Bishop Bikes

Molten Miles: Black Magic Paint x Bishop Bikes

Great paint can sometimes take as long to apply as it does to actually make the frame it’s going on. And while it can hide a multitude of sins, if it’s being applied to a Bishop, you can be assured it’s a show stopper.

Velo City: Bicycle Culture and City Life

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