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Gear: Gevenalle Brake Pads

Gevenalle Brake Pads

It’s a fundamental truth that life moves in cycles. To quote MCA: “Season’s change when it comes their time, Falls brings the Winter and on back to Springtime”. At a base level, it wasn’t that long ago that we were decorating our mountain bikes out with as many anodised bits and pieces as we could. Well, it looks like it’s time to bring back the bling.

Makers of very excellent components for cyclocross racing and riding, Gevenalle, have introduced a series of coloured brake shoes to match your other Paul or Chris King units.

Gevenalle Brake Pads

Here’s the press release: “Gevenalle is proud to introduce our new rim brake hardware. Domestically machined, and anodized locally in Portland, Oregon. The hardware on the titanium version is American made and machined to the limit. The bolts are hollowed out and caps spun down to lower weight, maximizing weight savings.

Gevenalle Brake Pads

“Brake shoes are anodized and engraved locally. All pads are Kool-Stop Salmon unless otherwise indicated, we also offer other Kool-Stop pad choices for those wanting something for dryer climbs, road riding, or carbon rims.”

MSRP Per Pair:
Titanium Cross: $50-$60
Stainless Cross: $24-$34
Stainless Road: $24-$34

Weights Per Pair: (complete with shoes, pads and hardware)
CX Pads 39g
CX Pads with Titanium hardware: 30g
Road Pads 32g

Colours: Red, Grey, Gold, Green, Pink, Purple, Blue, Orange
Pads: Kool Stop Salmon

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Gevenalle Brake Pads